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Product description

Manufacture: FORTEC Co. Ltd

Phone: +81-04-7189-4117 / E-mail: fortec@jcom.home.ne.jp

(100%Full synthetic)

Hard Engine Oil designed for passenger cars with large emission engines and turbo tuning engines.

Demonstrates the highest level of performance in racing from sporty driving to the extremely demanding 24-hour endurance race.
Demonstrates outstanding lubricity for long periods maintaining appropriate pressure even at high temperature and under heavy load condition.
Demonstrates incomparable ultra-high performance to effectively prevent increases in temperature with solid oil film.

Example Models:
LANCER Evolution X CZ4A, LANCER Evolution IX CT9A, BMW M5 E60, ASTON MARTIN V12 Vanquish/Rapide, etc.

(100% Full Synthetic+α)

Based on RACING HYPER, the prescription of polyol-ester was changed to increase the oil film strength to the limit. FORTEC's finest grade.

Example Models:
WRX VAB, IMPREZA GDB, LANCER Evolution X CZ4A, LANCER Evolution IX CT9A, Porsche Macan Type 95Btc, Porsche 911 Type 991, Audi S3 Sportback, AMG A45 4MATIC, Volkswagen Golf R, RENAULT LUTECIA R.S. TROPHY, etc.

(100%Full synthetic)

Based on RACING HYPER, the prescription of polyol-ester was changed to increase the oil film strength to the limit. FORTEC's finest grade.

Highest grade oil suitable for high power, large displacement tuned engines.
Maximum prevention of increases in oil temperature and decreases in oil pressure; experienced in high temperature, power-demanding, severe driving conditions under full acceleration for long distances like the Asia Pacific Rally Championship.
High performance racing specifications are materialized owing to the outstanding heat resistance, wear resistance, and durability.
Incredible acceleration at high revolutions and elimination of performance deterioration due to heat are materialized by the best grade base oil and specially mixed additives.

Example Models:
WRX VAB, IMPREZA GDB, LANCER EvolutionⅩ CZ4A, LANCER EvolutionⅨ CT9A, Volkswagen Golf R, Volkswagen Golf GTI, Audi S3 Sportback, etc.

RACING NA 0w-30/0w-40
(100%Full synthetic)

Engine oil designed for vehicles with small displacement engines and NA tuning engines.

High quality oil suitable for all driving conditions.
Outstanding wear prevention; the solid oil film is maintained at high temperature and high revolutions of the engine.
High performance with excellently balanced lubricity and viscosity characteristics.
Best suited for driving sophisticated engines with such mechanisms as turbo chargers and dual camshafts.

Example Models:
TOYOTA Vitz GR SPORTS NCP131 (model names may differ by country or region), TOYOTA Vitz GR CVT NCP131, SUZUKI SWIFT ZC32S, SUZUKI SWIFT ZC33S, ASTON MARTIN V8 Vantage, etc.

RALLIART Engine Oil 5w-45
(100% Full Synthetic)

Wide-range specifications range from high-performance turbo engines to variable valve timing engines. It maintains proper hydraulic pressure even under high temperatures, heavy loads and high loads, maintains oil film protection performance and lubrication performance for a long time, and is particularly effective in rallying high loads from immediately after starting. This oil was developed by the cooperation of RALLIART Inc. and FORTEC, who know all about Mitsubishi vehicles.

Example Models:
LANCER Evolution X CZ4A, LANCER EvolutionI X CT9A, Volkswagen Golf R, Volkswagen Golf GTI, etc.

Version-S 5W-30/5W-40/15W-50

An introductory oil of FORTEC that can be used for everything from city driving to circuit driving at a low price. This is a FORTEC oil that can ensure a stable response with a strong oil film and has a resistance to heat. It is a high-performance engine oil for those who want to use it with confidence in both general driving and motor sports and circuit driving. The price of this item was reduced by adjusting the polyol-ester compared to that of the RACING series.

Example Models:
Vehicles with a focus on general driving.

(100%Full synthetic Gear for LSD)

The best racing gear oil with quick accelerator response for front engine, front-wheel drive cars.
Smooth shifts in cold conditions and smooth shifting at high temperature.
Performance deterioration due to heat is eliminated by excellent shear stability and lubricity.
Gear noise is effectively eliminated owing to the incomparable load carrying capability.

(100%Full synthetic Gear for LSD)

Establish stable, smooth shifts from low temperature to high temperature.
Performance oil with incomparable durability fully extracts the high power of tuned cars.
Perfect locking and releasing enable aggressive driving.

RACING freezing temperature 0℃/STREET
freezing temperature -20℃

We developed this product by recognizing that it is necessary to suppress water temperature in order to maintain the performance of engine oil for a long period of time. The main components are water and propylene glycol. We formulated FORTEC's unique additives to reduce the surface tension of the liquid to less than half of the water to prevent bubbles and reduce the heat transfer capability. At the same time, this additive also gives a frictional reduction effect, which increases the pump's transport efficiency and increases the flow rate of the liquid, resulting in a cooling effect more than just normal water.

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