It is ultra high performance racing oil that keeps pursuing the extreme area.
Our racing oil realizes all the performance required for motor sports oil in high dimensions. It is a feature of Fortec-oil that "Robust oil" that demonstrates extreme quality. This oil has its own prescription based on polyol ester and hydrocarbon synthetic oil essential for motor sports oil, our oil is 100% fully synthetic oil rich in heat resistance and durability which is constantly evolving .
We simply can not be satisfied simply pursuing performance, Fortec-oil that is excellent in durability is a rally in which the situation changes every moment, a long distance race where always 100% force is required, It is highly reliable in motor sports field as oil which can be used with confidence even under such harsh conditions.


1. It increases friction reducing effect,
and it exhibits stable performance at high temperature.

When it is required for heat resistance and durability, shear stability is ensured while maintaining a high viscosity index. It uses a hydrocarbon synthetic oil that improves startability even in low temperature conditions, and also uses a polyol ester with high oil film strength. As a result, it exhibits stable performance even at high temperature while improving friction reduction effect, it is a durability favorable combination.

2. It uses viscosity index improvers and antioxidants.

It uses esters with high lubrication performance as a viscosity index improver, and in addition, it uses an antioxidant with good heat resistance as an additive.

3. The oil suppresses carbon and sludge.

Carbon is generated inside the engine at high temperature or under high load, and sludge also occurs. The oil we make uses detergent dispersants that have the effect of suppressing them.

4. The oil can prevent the occurrence of wear marks even
at high temperatures.

It incorporates organic molybdenum as a metal antiwear agent. It prevents wear marks that occur in high temperature and high load situations.

5. It maintains high lubrication performance.

The oil uses a special defoaming agent to obtain foaming prevention effect. In addition, the oil maintains high lubricity by adding an antifoaming agent that immediately erases foam that has occurred.